Staying fit in retirement

50+ Fitness in Maine

Maine is one of the best places to retire. Here are some tips on staying fit once you get here.

While researching the topic of fitness and exercise for the person age 50 plus, we stumbled upon a Maine legend, Skip Robinson. Skip was named Mr. Maine in 1971 and a two time Mr. World title holder. Skip told stories about his past workout partner Arnold Schwarzenegger, and how former Maine senator and former Secretary of Defense, Bill Cohen named Skip’s fitness business. Skip was also a middle school science teacher and he uses those teaching skills to development exercise programs for clients at his business Smart Body Fitness in Portland, Maine.

There are great benefits to exercise for people of all ages. But Skip says, “It’s nutrition, 80% nutrition. If you want to make a change in your body, you’ve got to eat correctly. As far as strength training goes…that speeds up your metabolism, strengthens your bones, your ligaments, firms & tones your muscles, good for posture. It’s good for flexibility.”

As someone who has exercised consistently for decades, Skip wants everyone to know that you are a sculptor. You can change your body and achieve better health.

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Podcast by Sandra Harris

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  1. Peter G. Tome

    Sandra, Great podcast. Skip is such an influential and motivating person. I always enjoy his stories.

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