How to Find the Perfect Maine Home

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There’s more to buying a home than looking at houses.

Scott Horty, Camden Real Estate
Scott Horty, Owner of Camden Real Estate. Photographed by Benjamin Williamson.

Like a lot of locals, Scott Horty fell in love with Maine while vacationing here and just never left. “This place sticks with you,” Horty says. “It has this hard-to-define beauty and mystique that draws you back.” As founder of Camden Real Estate nearly 25 years ago, Horty helps others enchanted with Maine put down roots here too.

There are so many beautiful places in Maine. Where do I begin?

Clarify your priorities. How important are schools, a great library, excellent restaurants, and proximity to airports and hospitals? Do you want to be near the sea and mountains? Within walking distance to a downtown? What lifestyle do you envision?

What’s the best way to find a community that offers the best fit?

Spend time there — don’t just rely on internet research. There’s such a diverse range of communities in Maine, and you can’t get a true sense of how each town feels from a description. Go to the harbor, schools, library, park, and coffee shop, and talk to locals. Drive through the surrounding towns to get a true sense of how far you are from the amenities you want.

What’s the best way to find my dream home?

Find a broker with experience and knowledge of the community who understands its history, and can recommend other experts, like inspectors. Do your own research. Go to town hall, talk with the code officer or assessor, and look at the file of the property you’re considering. Ask about basic services like trash pickup and roadwork, and options for utilities like water and heating, which can have an impact on cost of living.

What are some common misconceptions about moving to Maine?

Many people from big cities think they’ll feel disconnected in Maine, since it has fewer people and more rural areas. But often it’s just the opposite. You meet more people who value the same qualities of life, like unspoiled natural beauty and outdoor activities. So even though it’s a smaller state, you find more common ground.


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