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Lyme Disease in Maine

The signs of Lyme disease, treatment and prevention, and how to protect your pets from ticks

Lyme disease is a serious disease that is affecting more and more people in Maine and New England. The disease spread by ticks causes a variety of symptoms including fatigue, fever, headache and joint soreness. There are some new concerns about the transmission of Lyme disease. When retiring to Maine, we want to get outdoors and enjoy nature safely. Three Lyme disease specialists from Scarborough Integrative Health are guests in this edition of Down East magazine’s Retire to Maine podcast. We discuss the signs of Lyme disease, treatment and prevention, how to protect your pets from ticks and where to get more information.

Podcast by Sandra Harris


  1. Mary Meskers

    Can u please email me the web addresses for more info on Lyme disease and address of where to send the tic to get it tested. Besides clove oil and lemongrass was there any other natural application for tick repellant. Thank u

  2. Sandra Harris
    Sandra Harris

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for listening to the Retire to Maine podcast! The organizations that were mentioned in the podcast are International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society ( http://www.ilads.org/), Midcoast Lyme Disease Support & Education (http://www.mldse.org/), Maine Lyme (http://www.mainelyme.org/) and Scarborough Integrative Health (https://www.scarboroughintegrative.com/ ). The tick test organization is University of Massachusetts at Amherst (https://ag.umass.edu/services/tick-borne-disease-diagnostics ). The CDC has released an article concerning natural tick repellents at https://www.cdc.gov/lyme/prev/natural-repellents.html

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