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Organize Your Home for Retirement [audio]

By Sandra Harris

Retire to Maine Podcast — Organizing Your Home for Retirement

As you consider your move to retire to Maine, experts suggest you organize your current home to help make that move easier and more efficient. Today we talk with Dawna Hall, owner of Organize ME in Portland, Maine. As a professional organizer who has helped many people prepare for a move, we discuss when to get started, cost effectiveness of organizing, organizing tips, yard sales, home staging and more.

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  1. Paul Hughes

    I’m 72 so recognized myself when listening to this presentation. I marvel at how much stuff we’ve accumulated when at one time we had very little – where did all this stuff come from anyway? I particularly like the suggestion about photographing certain items and placing those pictures in an album, very interesting, had never thought of that. We live in Texas but we’re originally from Western Massachusetts (1976) so have been here a long time. We have always loved Maine and would like to have a home there, but my problem, other than needing to eliminate much of what we currently own, is find an affordable home. We read Down East magazine and always check-out the prices of properties being sold and are in shock at them! My home here in far north Houston was purchased for $52,000 in 1981 and now worth, at most, $125,000 but from what I see no homes in Down East are ever offered for much less than a quarter million and most are many time higher. Aren’t there any homes in a decent area in Maine that sell for $100,000 thereabouts? This question may be out of your area of expertise but I thought I’d ask anyway. At age 72 I’m not about to start another mortgage. A side question: can you even get a mortgage if it would be impossible to live long enough to pay it off?

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