Chase Point Assisted Living

  • Assisted Living Units:24
  • Memory Loss Units:18
  • Number of Residents:42
  • Established:1999

Clover Health Care

  • Independant Apartments:26
  • Assisted Living Units:99
  • Skilled-Care Beds:109
  • Memory Loss Units:36
  • Number of Residents:270
  • Established:1975

Crawford Commons

  • Assisted Living Units:33
  • Number of Residents:34
  • Established:1993

Dirigo Pines Retirement Community

  • Independant Apartments:56
  • Cottage Units:62
  • Assisted Living Units:17
  • Skilled-Care Beds:19
  • Memory Loss Units:22
  • Number of Residents:190
  • Established:2003

East Point

  • Assisted Living Units:37
  • Number of Residents:37
  • Established:1997

Ellen M. Leach Memorial Home

  • Independant Apartments:90
  • Number of Residents:100
  • Established:1995

Gorham House

  • Independant Apartments:28
  • Cottage Units:16
  • Assisted Living Units:29
  • Skilled-Care Beds:15
  • Memory Loss Units:30
  • Number of Residents:161
  • Established:1990

Goudreau’s Retirement Inn

  • Independant Apartments:50
  • Number of Residents:50
  • Established:1990

Goudreau’s Waterfront Retirement Community

  • Independant Apartments:27
  • Number of Residents:27
  • Established:2014

Granite Hill Estates

  • Independant Apartments:60
  • Cottage Units:46
  • Assisted Living Units:24
  • Memory Loss Units:8
  • Number of Residents:150
  • Established:2000

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Includes congregate retirement communities that offer independent-living or assisted-living apartments. Details are accurate as of December 2017. Some may be undergoing expansions or renovations. A few have continuing-care facilities adjoining or nearby. Each has unique amenities such as Jacuzzis or on-site banks not indicated on this chart. Please call, write, or visit the websites of the individual centers for further information.