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A Second Career for Retirees [audio]

By Sandra Harris

Retire to Maine Podcast — A Second Career for Maine Retirees

The image of the retiree is changing in Maine. As people are considering their next stage in life, many are thinking about a 2nd career and starting their own business. Concerns include financial, family time and energy but are driven by their passion to make dreams a reality. Marianne Russo, a woman who was a nurse for 40 years used her love of tea to guide her to fulfill her desire to found her own business. With no business experience, Marianne has successfully navigated her way to create Nellie’s Tea Company in South Portland, Maine. Here she shares her story and has practical advice for people contemplating a 2nd career during their retirement years in Maine.

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  1. I have always admired Marianne and what she has done with Nellie’s Tea. We were so fortunate to have her join us working to make the Victoria Mansion Doll Tea the grand success it was for so many years.. Marianne gave her knowledge and advice to me at the Saco Museum gift shop to place her teas and tea items. So very helpful.
    Her knowledge and wonderful personality will take her anywhere she wants to go. A marvelous little shop and a wonderful inspiration for all.

  2. Sandra, this was such a fun interview to do with you. Thank you for making me sound better than I’m sure I do!
    And Sandy Riley, I so enjoyed those years of helping with the Victoria Mansion Doll Tea! But the most amazing part was the incredible amount of work and creativity all of you volunteers put into it to produce such a unique and beautiful experience for children and their adults year after year! I learned so. I hope more from being a part of it than I ever could have contributed.

  3. Michael Kratky

    Love it, however, but you must figure in that Maine’s economy thrives only about 5 months out of the year during the abbreviated tourist season and the winters are long and brutal. Have been looking for some time to relocate to the mid coast area but most every dwelling is either heated or supplement with wood burning, don’t know about you but being a senior citizen that thought is not very appealing Vs heading south for the winter. Also, just how many this day and age have a cushy retirement income to back a questionable self employment business venture?

  4. Hi Michael, Thank you for the kind comment about the podcast! You’re right. There’s much to think about when retiring to Maine! There are a good number of snow birds who enjoy the summer months in Maine and head to warmer climates during the winter. Everyone needs to do what works for their own health, finances, family and other factors..

    • Michael Kratky

      Sandra like what you said “what works for their own health, finances, family and other factors”. The key is to stay active and social regardless of what life dishes out, my wife actually likes shoveling snow, go figure? Looking forward to this summer between Port Clyde and Rockport.

  5. Christopher Keller

    Looking forward to “retirement” in Maine. I don’t really see myself “retired” and don’t mind shoveling snow. Mud Season is another issue….think we will keep a place here in Florida to ride that one out.

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