Volunteering Tips for Retirees

Samantha Getchell, a Volunteer Coordinator with the Foster Grandparent & Senior Companion Programs of Southern Maine, discusses the organization’s volunteer programs.

Volunteering at a non-profit organization can help in so many ways. Not only do you help the people served by the organization, you help yourself. When you retire to Maine, you may find yourself with time that you would like to donate to a favorite charity.
Volunteering can help you find friends with similar interests, keep you mentally stimulated, develop new skills, increase happiness and be closer to your community. As you explore the many volunteer opportunities, consider working with children or elders in your community. The Foster Grandparent & Senior Companion Programs may be the perfect fit for you.
In this Retire to Maine podcast, Samantha Getchell, Volunteer Coordinator with the Foster Grandparent & Senior Companion Programs of Southern Maine discusses the organization’s volunteer programs and says, “No special skills are needed. Just a desire to help others.”
To discuss volunteering for these programs, call 207-773-02021-800-698-4959 or e-mail [email protected]
Details on Maine’s Retired and Senior Volunteer Program can be found here.


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Podcast by Sandra Harris


  1. I would like to volunteer with military, Togus, along those lines. Also, food pantries, private pet shelters.

    • Hi Jane,
      That’s great! I’m sure any of those types of organization would love to have you! Have you listened to the Maine Veterens’ Homes podcast? They have a number of homes around the state and are also looking for volunteers. You can listen at https://retiretomaine.com/maine-veterans-homes/ Volunteering is fantastic for the organization and you. Wishing you many happy hours at your organization of choice! ~ Sandra

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